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[Book - Freestylin' II - 1987]

Freestylin' II -

The book (1987)


Produced by Wizard Publicatans and written by Craig Barrette (editor of BMX Action) and Andy Lewman (editor of Freestylin').


The Complete Book of BMX - Bob Osborn (1984)


Bob Osborn of Wizard Publications produced the definitive book of BMX for its time.


Pro BMX Skills

Greg Hill (1983)


Greg Hill teaches you the tips and techniques that helped him become the winniest racer in BMX History.



Built and maintained by JohnnyRingo813

Dirt bike racing

D. J. Herda (1982)


Begginners guide to BMX racing.



Mike Devitt (1974)


An beginners guide to the early BMX scene.


BMX Freestylin'

Len Weed (1982)


This Book features R.L. Osborn and Mike Buff of the BMX Action Trick Team and shows you how to do many of their tricks.


Bicycle Motocross

Jack Scagnetti (1976)


An indepth look at the early BMX scene.


Bicycle Motocross

E&R Radlaeur (1979)


A basic look at the sport of BMX racing in the late 70's.


BMX Downunder

Timothy Hall (1981)


An inside view of the Australian BMX scene of the late 70's & early 80's.


BMX Bandits



This Book features images from the motion picture film.


Freestylin' - Generation F


This limited edition retrospective of Freestylin' Magazine was written by Andy, Lew & Spike and released by Nike in 2008.


Book - Freestylin' II - 1987
The Complete Book of BMX (1984) - Bob Osborn
Book - Greg Hill Pro BMX Skills - 1983
Dirt Bike Racing
BMX Book
Freestylin' Book
Bicycle Motocross Book
Bicycle Motocross Book
BMX Down Under Book
BMX Bandits Book
Freestylin' - Generation F Book