Some of the many BMX books published ove the years.
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This Book features images from the motion picture film.
BMX Bandits (1983)
Freestylin' - Generation F
This limited edition retrospective of Freestylin' Magazine was written by Andy, Lew & Spike and released by Nike in 2008.
BMX Downunder - Timothy Hall (1981)
An inside view of the Australian BMX scene of the late 70's & early 80's
Bicycle Motocross - E&R Radlaeur (1979)
A basic look at the sport of BMX racing in the late 70's.
Bicycle Motocross - Jack Scagnetti (1976)
An indepth look at the early BMX scene.
BMX Freestylin' - Len Weed (1982)
This Book features R.L. Osborn and Mike Buff of the BMX Action Trick Team and shows you how to do many of their tricks.
BMX - Mike Devitt (1974)
A beginners guide to the early BMX scene.
Dirt bike racing - D.J. Herda (1982)
The Complete Book of BMX - Bob Osborn (1984)
A beginners guide to BMX racing.
Bob Osborn of Wizard Publications produced the definitive book of BMX for its time.
Freestylin' II - The book (1987)
Produced by Wizard Publicatans and written by Craig Barrette (editor of BMX Action) and Andy Lewman (editor of Freestylin').
Pro BMX Skills - Greg Hill (1983)
Greg Hill teaches you the tips and techniques that helped him become one of the most successful racers in BMX History.